About Us

Our Vision

The entire Moore staff and community are dedicated to helping our children become successful and productive adults, willing to improve the quality of life for the entire community as well as themselves.  In order to achieve this bold initiative, the parents and staff have agreed, through mutual cooperation, to emphasize those academic and social skills necessary for the children to achieve our goal. Specific skills include understanding one’s responsibility, demonstrating the acceptance of that responsibility, applying academic skills to life-long learning and acquiring a positive self-image. Everyone- staff, children, parents, and community members will work to make these aspirations a reality.

Our Mission

Our goal is to maximize our student’s potential. We want to develop a positive learning community that will support the diverse needs of our student population.

We are working together with students, parents, and community to form a positive learning environment in which students achieve academic and personal success.

The school district has instituted various initiatives to attract highly qualified teachers to the schools. Our school will utilize our selection committee to seek educators that would offer our students an excellent education.