"#BeMoore means being more than yourself. It is being a better version of you." - Mehki M., 5th Grade


Our school brand is represented by the hashtag, #BeMoore. The culture and vision that this hashtag represents runs deep through the content to the staff, community and students. Generally, to #BeMoore means to be respectful, responsible, peaceful and problem solvers. One of our very own students defined what it means to #BeMoore. He said: “#BeMoore means being more than yourself. It is being a better version of you.” This is exactly what it means to #BeMoore. JH Moore will continue to foster the culture where all students feel safe and happy. The relationships we build with our students will truly shape the future of this country.

More deeply, the culture of the school is built upon the foundation of working collectively to develop others, in regard to all tenets of the school community. The building capacity fosters the opinions and goals of individuals as well as the collective shared vision of the whole school community. Ultimately, Moore is dedicated to a happy and safe climate for everyone who enters the school. In order to achieve this, the leadership team at Moore cultivates, and values, a culture based on trust and relationships. Through staff development and growth combined with carefully designed curriculum choices, Moore school continues to advance the students academically.


Mr. Glynn & Ms. Lord